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Passion in Red - B L Cole

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Life is life and this project is moving slowly along and it would seem is in need of a larger artist base. I have begun to reach out to various communities including the CRD Arts and Culture board attending an on-line funding information session. VanIslArts is not seeking funding. Connecting with creative community, art, and cultural groups is most definitely a goal.

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We hope to inspire artists from across the community to join us in sharing art and experiences, skills and inspirations. The images you see to the right are some of my collections from Vancouver Island Regional and that thing in the desert Burning Man. I have been involved with art in one format or another my entire life, these events and people have inspired me and reinvigorated me in my own pursuits. So many people doing so many things and there is so much room for more; more art, more projects, more people.  An invitation is extended to all you creative people, artisans, crafts people, traditional, digital, formal, and fringe to share your art, your skills, your story.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy the first installments in

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 Author, Conservationist, Humanist, and Gorilla Safari Guide Greg Cummings

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