For You By You About You

Welcome, thank you for talking about

This zine is about you, it is by you, and it is for you. It is about sharing and learning and doing and coming together. With absolutely no intent on monetizing or making this into anything but a place of communication and information the sole intent is to be a positive and encouraging forum for people to share and contribute. Content creators nor the publisher are receiving any kind of remuneration.

Call for Content Creators!

Artists, Artisans, Writers, Poets, Performers, Craftspeople, we want to know you and your work. A few content creators have joined and there is room for so many and so much more.

Here is what we can include:

                Written articles and stories, and poetry, with images
                Multimedia: small embedded, large linked to
                Video: small embedded, large linked to
                Audio: small embedded, large linked to
                Serial Illustrator: ongoing graphic stories (teasers with links)

All contributors may have a link to their own web site or storefront if desired.

Projects and People

If you would like to contribute, or be part of, or share, please let us know. You do not have to be an “artist”. You can be someone who knows how to do something; welding, engraving, carpenter, mathematician, e commerce pro, art promoter, all skills have a place and there is always someone who can use your skills creating what they have imagined. If you don’t have skills, maybe you can find someone who will help you learn. This is what an arts community does. We are art.

Profile Yourself!    All Artists, Artisans, Craftspeople, Performers, Writers

We are building a simple and free directory of artist profiles that include a bio with one or two featured works and links back to their own websites or point of sale service page.

Rules of Engagement:

Art is Art: I / we will (do my / our absolute best) not to censor or allow others to distract from what an artist has expressed in their art. This includes your words or performances, see next rule.

Do No Harm: No individual or organization or group or demographic is open for assault. As stated, positive encouraging inviting …. ZERO TOLERANCE.

Learning Opportunity: Should there be an issue that it is important to have addressed, the behaviour and or issue may be fully addressed without individuals or organization being unnecessarily identified (obvious abusive organizations exempt).

Share: The more we know the more we know we don’t know, so let’s get to know more. The staging of the site is just started and changing as we test and play but have a look if you like.

All communications and inquiries may be directed to:

Thank you


B. Lorne Cole