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GORILLALAND by Greg Cummings

In Conversation: Greg Cummings, Author

From child soldiers of the Congo to pirates off Somalia author Greg Cummings twists tales of high adventure and human drama using his own unique life experiences to forge treacherous (mostly ?) fictitious journeys. I only recently discovered this gentleman; whom I met a few years ago at a regional Burning Man event on Vancouver Island, was both an author and a bonified adventurer. Born in Canada he moved to Africa at a young age with his family inheriting a globe trotting lifestyle moving and living in several countries in Africa and South Pacific Asia. Greg took hold of the opportunities this life presented, becoming an expert and wilderness gorilla guide in the Albertine Rift Valley, eventually working with the American primatologist and conservationist Dian Fossey’s Gorilla Foundation for seventeen years. He has guided the rich and famous through jungles to observe and learn about gorillas and spent twenty years doing his part in protecting these most wonderful beings.

image Pirates book cover
Pirates by Greg Cummings

Using his life experiences, and those of a potentially dangerous and morally questionable Johnny Ocean, Greg authored and published two fictional books: GORILLALAND Pirates. GORILLALAND delves into the human gorilla wars, use of child soldiers, the disappearance of Europeans amid illegal mining and trade, and the sorted politics of greed. Pirates follows the story of Johnny Ocean, friends, and foes from sketchy family beginnings to Somalia the Middle East, Europe, and beyond. Greg follows up this scurvy tale with a series of blog posts as; a perhaps over curious, answer seeker tries to track down the notorious pirate ( More links to video and published articles. stories, and blog posts can be found below. Greg and I spent forty-five minutes speaking about writing, being an author, his two published books, and a bit about his just completed memoirs. The conversation has started. Please listen in.  


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